Moles can appear on one’s skin at different stages of life. They usually show familial tendencies, and found in different members of the same family. They can be flat or dome shaped. Some contains hair. They usually grow bigger gradually. They can be skin colour or different shades of brown or even black.

There are also other types of skin lesions such as skin tags. These are tiny benign skin lesions raised from the skin. They are usually found around the eyes, neck and armpits.

If the person finds them unsightly or they are causing problems such as rubbing to the clothes or getting frequent infection, these can easily be removed.

On some occasions, the moles could cause itching, bleed, change colour or show sudden growth or ulceration. Under these circumstances, it is recommended that the mole is removed and sent for further histological examination under microscope. Hence, any cancerous change in the mole can be detected early and treated accordingly.

In some communities, it is believed that removal of a mole could cause cancer which is not true at all.

We offer mole/skin tag removal service under local anaesthetics. No sutures are used. Hence, excellent results are achieved.

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