Our surgeon, Dr Erdinc Havutcu has widespread knowledge and experience, and has performed thousands of male circumcisions for different ages including adults.

We offer cultural/religious or therapeutic circumcision for all ages under local anaesthesia. There are pros and cons for different age groups, and these will be discussed with you when you come for a preoperative assessment. This assessment usually takes 15 minutes.

At the assessment, after the medical history and examination, preoperative preparation is explained. A preoperative local anaesthetic cream is advised before the procedure. This will prevent the pain normally caused by injection. This injection is required for pain free circumcision, and is similar to the injection given by the dentists. This should take 3-5 minutes. Once the anaesthetic effect is achieved circumcision is performed. This will take further 10-20 minutes. Absorbable sutures are used to improve the comfort and aesthetic of the procedure. Clients then can walk off the couch.